And the Adventure Continues…

18 May

Hello all!

Updates from the world of Robyn! I’m trying to remember all of the note-worthy things that I have been up to in the last week! Hard to believe I’ve been in Berlin for only two weeks, it feels like so much longer!

The first, most culturally significant thing that has happened to me in the last week was attending a concert by the 12 Cellists of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra with Sebastien’s mother. It was an extremely enjoyable evening; Sebastien’s mom was extremely patient with my attempts to speak German, and the concert itself was fantastic. It was in the same concert hall that I was in when I took my band trip in Grade 11, so that brought back memories.

I was afraid about the whole taking pictures in a concert hall concept, which is why this is not a better quality photo :P                       

The 12 cellists consists of…well, 12 cellists, and while the specific people in the group have changed, the group itself still plays amazing music together. A singer accompanied the group for a few pieces, and at one point a trumpet player joined as well. It’s very hard to describe music using words, but it really was an amazing performance.

The concert took place on a Wednesday, and the following weekend was spent socializing with Sebastien’s family and friends. I brought Sebastien’s family some David’s Tea, since it’s my absolutely favourite tea and can only be found in Canada. We also played ‘Memory’, which I probably haven’t played since the second grade, but found it helpful since I had to say what the objects were in German. After that, we went to a friend’s house to watch the football game between Bayern-München and Dortmund (I’ve been scolded for referring to it as soccer). Everyone was fairly excited about Dortmund winning…I was rather pleased since their uniforms are yellow and I prefer that to red.

Between Monday and Wednesday, I both saw a great deal of Berlin’s train system, and read a huge amount while riding the trains. On Monday, I planned on meeting with Sebastien at his school during his break, so that we could hang up posters for my English Essay Editing skills. Unfortunately, I spent so much time reading on the train that I completely missed my stop, and spent the next 45 minutes waiting for the stop to be announced until I noticed it had passed by a long time ago. Overall it took me an hour longer than I had anticipated to get to Sebastien’s school, but we still had time for hanging the posters.

See? There's my ad in the center :)

After Sebastien went back to his classes, I had a much more successful journey home. Below is a photo of the view from outside Seb’s school…it’s close to downtown Berlin, so you can see the fancy radio tower in the distance, as well as a fancy golden statue. Based on my very accurate descriptions, I think it’s safe to say I would make a terrible tour guide.I apoligize for the photo not being better; it was taken from an island in the middle of the street before the little green man told me to go. The Berlin fancy tower can be seen between the blue P sign and the pillar, and the fancy golden statue is between the two pillars.

On Tuesday, I ventured to the headquarters of the few newspapers and magazines that are published in English. Each one involved different trains and busses, but I was able to find each place and remain unscathed. Of course each of them already have all the interns they’ll need for the summer, but I’ve been recommended to submit a freelance article if I suddenly have a brilliant thought about the world. Finding my way to each place was an interesting way of seeing more of Berlin…I enjoy that Sebastien’s house has become a sort of familiar place to me, and the rest of Berlin is open for exploring. On one sidewalk, I spotted this:

So it’s a representation of where the Berlin Wall once was. I nearly got run over by a bicycle while pausing to take the picture, but I still thought it was worth the tourist moment.

On Wednesday, I went to a restaurant for a trial shift, to see how I would be as a waitress. Unfortunately, drafting and pouring beer takes waaaaaaaaaaaay more effort than I thought it would! I intend on practicing that more between now and Monday, which is when I intend on walking door to door begging for a job at various places.

Yesterday was Men/Father’s Day in Germany, depending on where you are, and so Sebastien spent a fair bit of the day out cycling with friends. I took this opportunity to watch as many chick flicks in German as possible, including ‘Kokowääh’, ‘Keinohrhassen’ and ‘Kebab Connection’. Before you become too impressed that I was able to watch these movies in German without subtitles, I should mention that I’ve seen them before and therefore understood what was going on.

I am going to conclude this blog with a photo of a very fancy sidewalk bathroom I used at one point this week, and another photo of gorgeous graffiti outside a train station.


Thank you to those that have read up to this point! I apoligize for the somewhat mundane update…I shall hopefully have much more exciting things to report soon! I hope that you are all enjoying your summers as much as I am mine! 🙂

Bis dann,


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One response to “And the Adventure Continues…

  1. Ann Gray

    May 18, 2012 at 9:31 pm

    I love your descriptions! But – three years of university, and your best adjective is “fancy”? Maybe you’ll cover adjectives in 4th year though, so I shouldn’t be alarmed yet. 🙂 haha! Great stories, chickie! I don’t think I realized that the 12 cellists were playing at the same place you visited back in grade 11 – how cool is that? Also, I find it very cool that you’re going to practice pouring beer… what a great thing to be practicing! 🙂


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