A weekend in the City, and job hunting

29 May

Hello everybody!

It is hard to believe that it has officially been a month since I arrived in Germany! It has gone by much too fast, but it is great to think that I still have so much of the summer ahead of me.

Perhaps it was not wise of me to wait longer than a week to update my blog, because at this point I am having a hard time recollecting what happened that long ago…I tried to look at my last blog post to see where I left off, and I have to say that the photo of a toilet was rather unhelpful.

However, I believe it was shortly after that last post that Sebastien and I had a pleasant evening out in the city. We went to see the movie ‘Project X’ – the movie was pretty good, and I was able to order our snacks entirely in German without asking Seb’s help. This may sound like a fairly minor accomplishment, but they do ask lots of specific questions about your order, such as if you would like your popcorn sweet or salty, and what type of drink you want. Ok fine, it still isn’t that huge of an accomplishment, but I was proud anyway! German theatres are a lot nicer than Canadian ones though…they’re quite clean, with assigned seating and people that come into the theatre before the movie and offer for you to buy ice cream. There’s also couples seats available, which are nice since there’s no pesky arm rest in the way. Makes it much easier to steal Sebastien’s popcorn.

The movie was at a theatre where they offer movies in English, in Potsdamer Platz. Potsdamer is actually one of my favourite places in the city, since there’s a lot of buildings that center around a main outdoor area…the people eating at the restaurants there can eat outside, and there’s a glass roof with light that changes colours. The roof protects people from the rain, while there is still a lot of fresh air going through the area. I always find it cozy, but there’s always lots of activity going on. I don’t think I’m doing a very good job of describing it, but here are a few pictures…first one shows as you enter the sort of circle of buildings in the day, and second one is it at night, when the lights are currently shining blue (they switch to purple too)

The bottom part of this photo shows the fountain in the middle of it all

Anyways, after this we walked around for a while, and walked by a few clubs in town that are rather high-end. None of them had large line-ups yet though, seeing as it was still the ripe hour of 10pm. At one point, when we were walking by a club, Sebastien said that he wasn’t a huge fan of it, seeing as it only had one floor. I think perhaps the Berlin club scene must be a lot spiffier than the one in Victoria…one floor was always enough for me! We then went for pizza at a little place that Sebastien visits often. We were able to get two fairly large personal pizzas for a total of 5 euros. Have I mentioned that Europe is amazing?

The next day was the Champions Leage Final in Soccer (of course I actually mean Football, but just to clarify). We went to Sebastien’s friends’ house to watch, and it was a pleasant evening despite the tragic loss of Munich. They lost to England though…so while I wouldn’t have wanted to say so that evening, I was happy Munich lost to that team as opposed to some other country. We returned home rather late that evening, but I always find it impressive that you can make it home from anywhere in Berlin at any time of the night, even if it does take a little longer than usual. A lot more impressive than Victoria, where the busses stop at basically midnight, and from that point on you better get a cab or walk. The biggest challenge in Berlin late at night is making sure you wake up in time to get off the bus at your stop!

I spent the following week doing more job searching. On Monday I took some resumes to both hotels and restaurants (although I was limited to only three of each, since the printer ran out of ink) that I had noticed on earlier adventures. While I started off rather intimidated by the whole process, I got a lot better at it. I’m pretty good at asking to speak with a manager and offering to leave my resume there. At one Irish pub I stopped at, the manager complimented my German skills, which I figured was a major break through!

I spent Tuesday at home, and then went out with more resumes on Wednesday. I had a very elaborate plan about all the places I wanted to go, and was able to make it to each of them with very minimal stress. The biggest mistake I made that day was wearing jeans…it was blazing hot out, and they did a good job of keeping in all the heat! It was a great day to be out and about, but I found myself searching for a clothes shop at which I could perhaps get some shorts. The most interesting part of this day was when I dropped off my resume at ‘The Pub’, which is a restaurant Sebastien had told me about. It took a long time to find it, since I had walked in the wrong direction for about 15 minutes before realizing my error and doubling back. I was very intent in my search, and didn’t give up despite the extreme heat. However, as soon as I dropped off my resume and walked back outside, I realized that I was standing right beside the restaurant at which I had eaten with my school band when I was in grade 11. We had eaten there about three times, since it was right outside our hotel when we were staying in Berlin. I visited this same spot a few times last year when I was in Berlin, and therefore I knew exactly how to get back to Sebastien’s house from this spot.

The yellow umbrellas show where we ate when I was in Grade 11 on tour, and there is of course the impressive tower visible above

On Thursday, I put some time into calling back the businesses I had visited on Monday. Luckily, I survived all conversations in German fairly well, and there was only one conversation that really baffled me. Later on, I received a call from ‘The Pub’ asking for an interview that evening. I met with one of the owners, and arranged to come in for a trial shift the next day.

This trial shift was a MUCH more positive experience than the last one. The staff was extremely friendly and helpful, and my beer pouring has improved drastically (although there were other people that were responsible for most of the beer pouring this time, whereas the other place had depended solely on me). I was told that I will be called back for another trial shift (paid this time) so we’ll see how that goes. My favourite moment of the night was when one table called me over, and a man began speaking to me in German. Unfortunately, I had no idea what he was asking me, and apologized and asked if he knew any english. At that, everyone at the table became excited, since they were actually from England and that man was the only one of them that knew any German. When I returned to their table a bit later, they asked where I was from – one of the group had figured I was Dutch based on my accent. It’s so funny to be somewhere that people find my accent puzzling!

At the end of the night, I got a bit lost trying to navigate where I would get off the night bus to get to Sebastien’s place. After getting off too early and walking around for a while, I was about to give up and call him to ask for help, when I spotted a green car that I had taken a picture of last time we were on a walk. Hallelujah!

This was the photo of the car I had taken during the day, and when I spotted the car at night I knew I was in the right direction to get home 🙂

I was able to find my way home from there, and get a bit of sleep before we took off for our adventure the next day. Believe it or not, it was this adventure that I was originally going to focus this blog entry on, but as more memories of last week came back to me this post became longer and longer. I shall leave you with the suspense of getting to read about my weekend adventure soon! I hope you enjoyed this blog entry!

Bis später,



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3 responses to “A weekend in the City, and job hunting

  1. Dougall Cameron

    May 30, 2012 at 1:39 am

    Keep up the great writing and photography Robyn. Really enjoying them both. You are quite a talented young lady! But I have known that for a long time! 🙂

  2. Christiann L

    May 31, 2012 at 12:56 pm

    I FINALLY caught up with your blog. Awesome read Robyn ! I feel like I have visited Germany. :o)
    Best of luck with acquiring a job and keep living life to the fullest !
    Hugs from another of your mothers :o)

  3. Faith Balcombe

    June 28, 2012 at 9:38 am

    What a great adventure you are having, Robyn. Very interesting reading. I can almost imagine myself there. Have a great time!


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