All About Soccer Music; From the viewpoint of a tourist

09 Jul

Hello Everybody!

I apoligize for how long I have gone without posting a new blog! I suppose I could blame my lack of writing on my mourning Germany’s loss of the semi-final in the EU Championships to Italy, but it was really more laziness than anything else. This blog is actually not really about me though, but more about a taste of the soccer hype that revolves around the games.

Germany’s losing the semi-final was unfortunate, and it was crazy how fast the entire event was over after that. Spain beat Italy 4-0; it was actually Spain’s third year in a row winning, and that score set a new record for the most extreme defeat in a final game. While in some cases I would have wished for the ‘underdog’ team to win, I was rather pleased that Italy lost after being poopy-heads and beating Germany. In particular, there was one player on the Italian team, who had scored both of Italy’s goals against Germany, and it was a lot of fun to see how upset he was after losing to Spain. Personally, I refer to this player as mayo-head, as you can probably understand after seeing the following photo I found on Facebook:

Yes, that really is what his hair looks like. When mayo-head scored the second goal in the Italy-Germany game, he took off his shirt and took a rather random menacing pose. I found the following photoshopped images fairly entertaining as a result.

Anyways! I shall now continue onto a bit more about some of the songs that go along with the Soccer Championships. For those of you who don’t know, there is a strictly European Championship every four years, which is what happened this year, and then a FIFA World Championships every four years…kind of like the Olympics in regards to their alternating every two years. I’m only going to cover a few of the songs in this post, but there are so many…and it seems that everyone here knows all the words to every one! Unfortunately I have very limited access to youtube videos here due to strict copyright laws, but feel free to look up the songs if you so desire 🙂 I’ll try to see if I can connect a few links.

Sebastien showed me a music video on youtube called ‘Carnaval de Paris’ by Dario G – it was made for when the Fifa World Cup was hosted in Paris in 1998. It’s a really well known melody, and I’ve discovered that I can in fact play it on my bagpipes, the way that they do in the youtube video. For those of you who don’t know, bagpipes have an extremely limited scale, so that is fairly impressive!

One that I found to be of particular interest is ‘Wavin Flag’ by K’naan. This song was used for the World Cup Championships in 2010, and here is my attempt at connecting a video link:

I recommend looking up the World Cup version specifically if you’re checking it out on your own (or if my link happens to be a complete dud). The main reason I say that is that there is another version extremely well known in Canada, and I didn’t even know this one existed until I came to Germany this year. The other version was made by ‘Young Artists for Haiti’ in support of Haiti after the earthquake that happened in 2010. This group consists of many famous Canadian artists, and as far as I know, all the proceeds from this song went towards working to help rebuild Haiti. For those interested, I shall attempt to connect another link:

You can youtube ‘Wavin’ Flag – Young Artists for Haiti’ since it appears I can’t find a great video. But for those of you who don’t really know which famous artists came from Canada (since so many of them come from the States) the song features Nelly Furtado, Avril Lavigne, Justin Bieber (yuck, didn’t know that until I looked it up…apparently he’s the voice at the end, which I thought was a girl), Fefe Dobson and Lights. It also features the lead singers from Simple Plan, Theory of a Deadman, Sum 41, and Hedley. Also, I just discovered Michael Buble is Canadian (he’s in the chorus of the song).

Anyhow, enough about that…I’ve had a lot of Germans ask me about famous Canadian singers, so that’s a small sample!

The bass line from The White Stripes’s ‘Seven Nation Army’ is sung a lot at soccer games…before, I had thought it was just the thing people play on bass when they don’t know anything else. The other big songs I know about that are associated with soccer are Shakira’s ‘Waka Waka’ which is a great song, and was released in 2010, but is not well known in Canada at all. There’s also ‘Feel the Rush’ by Shaggy, which was used in 2008 and ‘Allez, Ola, Ole’ by Jessy Matador, which was used in 2010 The title ‘Allez, Ola, Ole’ apparently refers to the title of the album ‘Music of the World Cup: Allez! Ola! Ole!’ which was released in 1998 to coincide with the European Championships hosted in France that year.

Yay for new discoveries…I just found out that Ricky Martin’s ‘Cup of Life’ was actually the official song for the FIFA World Championships in 1998. I never knew that, although I have known the song since my line-dancing days in Junior High.

Anyhow, I am sure there are tons and tons of songs that I have left out. I shall end off with the most recent ones though…the song ‘Endless Summer’ by Oceana was written for the European Championships 2012, and the melody from it (‘whoa oh oh oh oh’) was played every time that the soccer was being broadcast on TV or advertised for Culcha Candela also released a song advertising for the EU, called ‘Von Allein’ which I find pretty catchy

So there you go! Not my usual typical blog, but I found all of this really interesting…I hardly knew about the Soccer Championships before last summer, but there’s so much great music revolved around it! I hope you enjoyed the read!

Auf Wiedersehen!



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