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An Awesome Update!

Hello everyone!!!

My oh my, it’s been much too long since I wrote last! To those of you who remember, last summer I wrote all about my amazing adventures all over Europe, beginning with three months in Berlin, Germany and ending with travelling by trains, planes, and automobiles to end the summer in Dublin, Ireland. At the end of the summer, I had received so much positive feedback about my blog that I thought about continuing to write it into the school year…in the end, I guess that didn’t really happen! I even decided I was going to write this post last Wednesday, and thanks to school and my procrastination skills, it has taken this long for me to finally get the words down.

So why did I decide to write a blog post last Wednesday, you may ask? Well, last summer I left Germany with the intention of making as speedy a return as possible. In November of 2012, I began putting together an application for the P.A.D. program. Basically, this program is designed for students with a bachelor degree (it doesn’t really matter what the degree is in specifically, but the student must have a basic understanding of the German language). Successful applicants are sent to Germany for a year to be an assistant English teacher. So, I filled out forms about myself, stated why I think I would make a good assistant English teacher, and sent university transcripts, doctors forms…all that good stuff. I also had to talk with a professor in German one on one for half an hour; lucky for me, she was very generous in her evaluation of my language skills! After I sent off the completed application, I thought about writing a blog here, but my ability to procrastinate combined with my fear of not getting into the program prevented me from keeping all you bloggers informed.

Anyways. This is the worst suspenseful build-up in the world, since if I didn’t make it into the program I obviously wouldn’t be telling you so much about it. I finally found out last Wednesday that I made it in! Yay! Also, I found out that I will be working in Berlin specifically, the way I wanted. Yay! On the application, I had to apply to three different areas of Germany and hope for the best. So it was a relief to find out that I will indeed be able to live with my boyfriend there. Since there’s a lack of photos in this blog so far, here’s me with my boyfriend:


Yay! So anyways, beginning in September, I will be spending about 9 months living in Berlin and being an assistant English teacher. I have yet to find out exactly which school I will be working at (I could be teaching kids in grade 1, or in grade 13…who knows!) and I also have yet to find out when the orientation for the program will be. Apparently I find out in June…the sooner the better though, seeing as I can’t really book my flight until I know when that orientation is! Sounds like it will be in Kรถln though, which is extremely close to where I began my German adventures last year as well with the WSP program. Programs with acronyms are all the rage, don’t you know.

It was quite the relief to find out I’ve made it into the program. With my degree coming to a close, I’ve been asked so many times what my next step is…I knew that this is what I wanted to do, but of course I didn’t know until now that I had been accepted.

Until then, I will be finishing up my program at UVic within the next three weeks, and then will be headed home to Calgary for the summer. I will likely be unemployed during that time, so if anyone is in need of a pro copyeditor or bagpiper, or even a house sitter, feel free to let me know ๐Ÿ˜‰ Who knows, I may do some more blogging within that time! Now that my Honours thesis has been handed in, I may spend a lot of my summer itching to write more.

In closing, here is a photo of me in my graduation outfit. The pressure is officially on for me to pass all of my courses!


I look forward for having exciting things to share with all of you in the future! Thank you so much for taking the time to read this ๐Ÿ™‚

Auf wiedersehen!


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